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Donations in honor

Honor a beloved furry or non furry family member or friend, past or present, by donating to All About the Animals (below), and helping save and enrich the lives of homeless pets, in their name.  The minimum to donate in the name of another is $50. ​ 


After donating, please upload a photo of your furangel or two legged loved one (the link to do so will pop up automatically after donating).  Alternatively you can email it to us at:  


We are happy you are choosing to donate to help animals in remembrance of the special furry and non furry folk that have graced your lives.  

The Rudy Fund

In honor of Rudy C, a beautiful and complicated copper-colored Chihuahua from Florida, The Rudy Fund was established to help in emergency cases.  A beloved and much missed companion, The Rudy Fund helps his spirit live on!


Donation made in honor of "my beautiful rescue “Darla” who brought great joy and love to my life for the past three years until she passed on 9/12/2019", from Darla's momma Beverly Carter.

Donation made on behalf of Beverly Carter in honor " in memory of her beloved Darla", from Joanne and Richard Novak.

Donation made in the name of Melody Carter's mother, Beverly, from her loving daughter; 2018, 2019.

Donation from Beverly Carter, "Honoring my friendship with JoAnne Novak - the Frack to my Frick"

Donation made by Steven Naugle honoring Dolce DeOcera Breau, loved by Rod DeOcera.

Donation made in honor of Romeo, loved by J R Martinez.

Donation made in honor of Carmen Johnson by colleagues at The Dog House  pet groomers, family and friends.

Donation made in honor of Daisy.  From Daisy's Momma Mandy Le Roux:  "You are missed".

Donation made in honor of Jake by Jake's loving Momma, Lisa Rich.

Donation made in honor of Bobo by Bobo's loving Momma, Ika Irsan.

Donation made in the name of Bailey Jones, from his Mommy "I will always love you, my little boy". 

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