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Laura Jones is an English born International Employee Benefits Consultant by trade, but her true passions are animal rescue and advocacy, singing, and songwriting.  With a Bachelors degree in Business Commerce and several financial services professional qualifications under her belt, Laura says; "I always had a love for animals, but never imagined the degree to which my passion for furry creatures would essentially take over my life!  My journey in rescue began in 2012 when I learnt of the huge problems with the abundance of homeless pets in the USA, and adopted a Chihuahua, Chico, from Orange County shelter and flew him to me in the UK.  Chico is my motivation for helping homeless pets; I believe that all pets deserve to be as loved as he is. I then spent two and a half years fundraising for numerous American and Canadian rescue groups using social media, and email.  In addition I coordinated rescues from high kill shelters in Southern California.  I also made it my mission to relocate to SoCal, and now reside in Orange County.  I have since enjoyed being "hands on", fostering numerous furbabies, and learning that each and every pet is special in their own way."  Laura has also embarked upon a campaign for shelter reform, and has had some traction using political and media leverage in LA County.  She is also leading the Stand Up For Animals National Shelter Reform initiative, with the hopes of using information sharing to empower communities to effect positive change in shelters nationwide.  Also proudly a member of the Trustee Board for Davey's Voice. Laura says; "I am so privileged to be working with such a compassionate and intelligent group of people driven to save and enrich the lives of homeless pets."

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  Laura Jones   


  Nicole Goodfellow  
 Lauren Lewis    
Nicole Goodfellow is co-founder and President of All About the Animals.  A Michigan native, Nicole has loved animals since childhood. Birds, hamsters, mice, fish, cats and dogs were often found seeking shelter at her home.   
Nicole is a graduate of DePaul University and worked for 15 years in the Chicago commercial real estate and property management business.  Some of the accomplishments she is most proud of are the charity benefits she organized while on the job.  From blood drives to fund raisers for inner city youth mentoring programs, helping those in need became a source of great joy.
After relocating to Southern California in 2010, Nicole soon learned about the serious over crowding situation at the animal shelters.  Upon meeting like-minded people in the dog rescue community, she began helping network and foster dogs in need.  Being an animal advocate turned into the most rewarding work of Nicole's life.   
When she is not taking care of her family of humans and furkids, Nicole can be found at the beach, whale watching, hiking, traveling, native plant gardening and generally enjoying the California sunshine.  
With close to two decades of hands-on experience, Lauren Lewis has established a reputation as a leading Public Relations and Communications Specialist.   
Working with both organizations and individuals, Lauren is well-versed in handling the public relations and communications needs for a diverse client roster in a variety of areas including entertainment, events, restaurants, business/corporate, personalities/experts/authors and crisis communications among others.
Independent for the majority of her career, and realizing that relationships are as important as the message you are trying to publicize, Lauren maintains close contact with an extensive, and ever-growing, database of traditional and new media outlets.  Her experience and relationships have spanned the globe, working with local, national and international clients, media and festivals.
A former freelance journalist, who is still often published in newspapers and trade magazines, Lauren is known for writing informative, effective and engaging copy while creating numerous angles that make sense to both the client and media outlets with varying target audiences. An accomplished panelist, radio guest, columnist and guest speaker, Lauren also often serves as a consultant to larger public relations firms.
With a special affinity to working with non-profits, Lauren has lent her talent to numerous philanthropic causes and ventures throughout her career and in her personal life. Her work with non-profits includes helping underserved and homeless people and animals as well as the often hidden community of homeless Veterans.
Closest to her heart, Lauren is an animal advocate who is dedicated to fighting for and promoting animals rights and animal welfare. Currently, Lauren works with and is a proud member of the Board Of Directors of the forward-thinking non-profit All About The Animals.

Karen Lewis, Cassandra Fragoso, Amy Bellomy, Pattie Ryan, Valerie Quercia

The Board of Directors

The Advisory Board

Key Volunteers

Tammi and her husband, Wayne, have been strong supporters and advocates for animals since the day they met.

Tammi grew up in rural Minnesota among farm animals and other wild-life (that she would bring home in shoe boxes).  So, she has had a lifelong relationship with these incredible beings.  (Note: her mother did not share the same joy when she brought home a box of mice!!!).

Since the ‘mice incident’, Tammi has expanded her desire to champion the cause of animals.  She and her husband have personally rescued over 500 dogs and continue to financially assist other rescue efforts in California.

Tammi is in ‘Phase 2’ of her life (recently retired) and has a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Iowa and an MBA from Lake Forest University, and has worked for 20 years in the healthcare and diagnostic industry.  

She, and her husband, reside in the Dallas / Forth Worth area of Texas where they work to help numerous rescues in the United States. 

Tammi Gordon
Tanya Nielsen

Tanya has always been about the work and about the animals.  Growing up in a military family her parents always allowed her to bring her animals to new assignments…even traveling cross country with her dog and hamsters.  “It was always difficult for me to confine my hamsters in cages” was the start of the desire to assist existing rescues and organizations to improve the conditions of the animals in their care as well as support their education and volunteer programs to “share the knowledge”. 

Tanya is proud to serve on the Advisory Board because All About the Animals is making strides in organizing animal rescues to be a stronger presence in the community and providing the expertise to improve and change the operations of government agencies the public has entrusted with the welfare of the growing domestic animal population.